Monday, September 28, 2009

The Stealth Toilet Is Taking Gravity Flush Toilets Too The Next Level of Water Efficiency

Once again the ingenuity and forward thinking of the folks at Niagara Conservation has produced a toilet design that is sure to establish a new standard in the industry. While most manufactures are pressing to produce Dual Flush toilets as their next big push in the HET market, Niagara Conservation is introducing a single flush toilet that uses 0.80 gallon per flush. That’s right a gravity flush toilet that only uses ½ the water of a standard 1.6 gallon toilet to evacuate both liquid waste and solid waste. Niagara reports to us that the Stealth toilet performs as well if not better than most 1.6 gallon toilets on the market.

The Niagara Stealth toilet utilizes the ingenuity of a pressurized trap system. Essentially the flushing mechanism forces air into the trap while the bowl is refilling. The air is trapped between to water seal, one at the top of the trap and one at the bottom of the trap. A positive pressure pocket of air is created behind the water in the bowl thereby requiring less water to create the siphon need to evacuate the bowl.

The Stealth toilet by Niagara Conservation is currently only available for limited distribution. We have been informed that it will be available for retail distribution by the end of October 2009. Retail price is expected to be in the $375.00 range. The Stealth toilet will be available for advanced order from AquaPro Solutions online store in mid to late October 2009.

Aqua Environmental Resource Center is conducting an in house test analysis of the stealth toilet at our new Asheville, NC facility.
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Congratulation Warren Wilson College Eco Dorm

Here is some well deserved recognition for a local Western North Carolina College. The Eco Dorm on Warren Willson College campus is a model of efficiency. Kudos y'all.

C Hanson

Thursday, September 3, 2009

who controls the flow of water?

NY Times GreenInc, blog post

AquaPro posted reply:

I am concerned that we continue to witness advancements in the control of fresh water resources by for-profit corporate entities. I am of the opinion that this is not in the best we can do. As one of the three things we cannot survive without (Air, Water, Food) I am perplexed by our complacency with the idea that fresh water isn’t provided as a basic human right. For-profit ventures that contribute too or result in the control of fresh water supplies by for-profit entities is something we should be very worried about.

That's what I think, what do you think?