Sunday, July 10, 2011

Be Sure! Test And Be Safe.

The US boast some of the best fresh water sources on the planet. Most of Americas water supplies are considered safe but we should never take this for granted. There are many things that can occur within a source or distribution system that can change the quality of the water supplied to our homes. 

There are thousands contaminants and substances that can adversely effect the safety and quality of our tap water and the concentrations of many of them is increasing.  Some contaminants are not regulated or adequately controlled even though they are known to pose immediate health problems when present in our potable water. Some chemicals that are known to present human health risks are intentionally used to treat public water supplies in an effort to minimize or prevent bacterial and viral contamination. 

A report by the National Defense Council stated that scientists estimate that each year as many as 7 million Americans become sick from
drinking contaminated tap water. The NRDC conducted a review of 19 major citys throughout the US which found that pollution, old piping and outdated water treatment facilities that posed direct threats to tap water quality. Heavy metals such as Murcury and Lead have become pervasive throughout the environment and easily find their way into our water supplies. 

Concerns about drinking water quality are on the rise in the US and around the world. Unfortunately most people assume that their water is safe and therefore take no precautions to ensure it is; the risk are much greater than you might believe. 
The most important message I want to impart is that you need to take precautions and control of the water you use. It is very important to monitor and test the quality of your water to be sure it is, in fact, safe for your family.

Be sure! Test and be safe; your health or life could be at risk.