Preservation Through Eduction

The Aqua Environmental Resource Center was established in June of 2009. Located in Asheville North Carolina the AERC provides the Western North Carolina community with a hands on experiential opportunity to interact with innovative water conservation, water quality and water resource management products. The underlying goal of the AERC is to provide an atmosphere of learning and discovery, to help raise public awareness. Through education we will encourage and empower consumers to create sustainable communities, protect the environment and preserve earths most precious natural resource; Fresh Water. 
The AERC also independent performance evaluations of popular water efficiency products including toilet MaP (maximum performance)Testing as required by the EPA WaterSense Labeling Program. The AERC conducts free workshops on a wide range of consumer interest. Everything from how to check for and repair simple leaks to converting older toilets into high efficiency Dual Flush toilets; design and installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems and point-of-use Greywater Recycling Systems. They also provide free water  testing and consultation on appropriate corrective action for undesired or hazardous water conditions.

The AERC is also the regional training facility for GreenPlumbers USA Core Curriculum. The GreenPlumbers USA course is an internationally recognized accreditation and licensing program that provides plumbers and technicians with advanced environmental skills that create champions of conservation. We empower to plumbers effectively educate consumers.
For information on GreenPlumbers USA workshops visit:
AERC GreenPlumber USA 

The AERC is a supporter of  "The Gift Of Water" charity funding organization. Please consider making a donation to help with this important lifesaving effort.

 Video from our Grand Opening courtesy of GSocial Media
A special thanks to Asheville City Mayor Terry Bellamy for joining us for this grand opening event. We greatly appreciate Mayor Bellamy's support.