Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Growing Problem, A Global Concern

Along with the continuing population growth we experience an ever increasing demand on finite freshwater resources around the globe. To avoid a crisis, many countries must improve water efficiency, minimize pollution, manage supply and lessen demand.

As populations in developing countries grow, the demand on fresh water supplies will grow with them. Rising demands on limited and increasingly polluted water supplies has created deadly power struggles and fierce competition over the allocation and control of water resources needed to supply agricultural demands, domestic consumption and industrial growth.

Already 31 countries, including the United States experience chronic shortages of freshwater. Studies indicate that in less than 15 years, nearly 3 billion people, accounting for 35% of the worlds projected population, in over 48 countries will face similar conditions.

In much of the world polluted water, improper waste disposal, and poor water management cause serious public health problems. Water-related diseases kill millions of people every year. Millions more suffer from heath disorders and cancer caused by exposure to chemical and pharmaceutical toxins commonly found in municipal and private water supplies. Overuse, mismanagement and pollution of water resources are also taking a heavy toll on the environment and pose devastating risks to nature. For many species of life it is already too late.


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