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Enviro News: EPA Releases Public Database on Risk Assessments

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Risk Assessments

Latisha Petteway

March 24, 2010

EPA Releases Public Database on Risk Assessments

WASHINGTON - Today, EPA is releasing the Health and Environmental
Research Online (HERO) database, a milestone in transparency.  HERO
provides access to the scientific studies used in making key regulatory
decisions, including EPA's periodic review of the National Ambient Air
Quality Standards (NAAQS) for six major pollutants.  It is part of the
open government directive to conduct business with transparency,
participation, and collaboration.

"The HERO database strengthens our science and our transparency -- two
pillars of our work at EPA.  Giving the public easy access to the same
information EPA uses will help open the lines of communication, increase
knowledge and understanding, and open the doors of EPA," said EPA
Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.  "Americans have a right to know the
background of decisions that affect their lives and livelihoods.  We're
taking a big step forward in opening government to the people."

The publically accessible HERO database provides an easy way to review
the scientific literature behind EPA science assessments, which are used
to support agency decision-making.  The database includes more than
300,000 scientific articles including the authors, titles, dates, and
abstracts.  In addition, through a simple keyword search, anyone can see
information from the articles that were used to develop specific risk

HERO includes peer-reviewed literature used by EPA to develop its
Integrated Science Assessments (ISA) that feed into the NAAQS review.
It also includes references and data from the Integrated Risk
Information System (IRIS), a database that supports critical agency
policymaking for chemical regulation.

More information on HERO database:

More information on IRIS:


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