Friday, May 21, 2010

Stealth Toilet by Niagara Conservation getting noticed & making waves.

The stealth toilet continues to gain recognition from both consumers & trusted industry sources and for good reason. This toilet will do a lot for residential water conservation efforts and to improved the damaged reputation of the "water efficient toilet". From the same inventive minds that created the now very popular "flapperless" toilets. The business partnership between Hennessy & Hinchliffe and Niagara Conservation is clearly one of great benefit for efforts to improve water resource management.

Here is a quote from a review posted by Alex Wilson, executive editor of Environmental Building News and founder of BuildingGreen, LLC:
"The vacuum-assist flush mechanism helps the toilet effectively flush a significant quantity of waste using very little water. Using the now-industry-standard Maximum-Performance (MaP) testing protocol, the Stealth toilet is rated at 600 grams, in both the round-front and elongated-front models. This and other performance features have allowed the toilet to earn the EPA WaterSense label for high-efficiency toilets. According to Cecilia Hayward, the marketing manager at Niagara, the toilet also passes all IAPMO requirements for toilets, including a requirement that waste be effectively moved 40 feet along the drainline when the toilet is flushed."
You can read the full article here: 
Niagara’s Innovative 0.8 gpf “Vacuum-Assist” Stealth Toilet

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