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ENVIRO-NEWS: 2011 Resource Conservation Act Appraisal

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The Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act of 1977, as amended (RCA)
provides the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) broad
strategic assessment and planning authority for the conservation,
protection, and enhancement of soil, water, and related natural
resources. Through RCA, USDA:

   appraises the status and trends of soil, water, and related
resources on non-Federal land and assesses their capability to meet
present and future demands;
   evaluates current and needed programs, policies, and authorities;
   develops a national soil and water conservation program to give
direction to USDA soil and water conservation activities.

The 2011 RCA Appraisal provides an overview of land use and the U.S.
agricultural sector; of the status, condition, and trends of natural
resources on non-Federal lands; and of USDA's program for soil and water
resources conservation. Looking ahead, it examines interrelated issues
that have implications for U.S. agriculture and forestry: climate
change, biofuels production, and the quality and availability of water.


[2011 RCA Appraisal available at URL above or ]

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