Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Water Conservation by Aqua Pro Solutions

As population growth increases the demand on potable water supplies throughout the world, many regions are experiencing severe water shortages. This problem is amplified by current drought conditions and is causing many government officials and municipal leaders to re-think existing conservation strategies.

Water conservation refers to reducing use of fresh water through technological or social methods. The goals of water conservation efforts include:

Sustainability - To ensure availability for future generations, the withdrawal of fresh water from an ecosystem should not exceed its natural replacement rate.
Energy conservation - Water pumping, delivery, and wastewater treatment facilities consume a significant amount of energy. In some regions of the world (for example, California) over 15% of total electricity consumption is devoted to water management.
Habitat conservation - Minimizing human water use helps to preserve fresh water habitats for local wildlife and migrating waterfowl, as well as reducing the need to build new dams and other water diversion infrastructure.

One approach that the media endorses is asking consumers to make behavioral changes that will reduce water consumption in their homes and businesses. While the tips they offer are useful and excellent advice, they are simply not enough. Many people have other concerns that fill their minds, let alone planning and making the extra effort that is required to save water. This is where AquaPro Solutions’ products and services can help.

Installing water conservation and water recycling fixtures is the first step in successful long-term conservation planning. Some simple and inexpensive measures such as changing old water wasting showerheads and faucet aerators for more efficient ones can result in tremendous savings. Significant amounts of water can also be conserved by changing to a new high efficiency toilet (HET). Some local municipalities offer rebate incentives to consumers who make this change. Another possibility is installing a point-of-use or whole house greywater reclamation system.

We know that there are several ways to reduce water usage and understand that individual customer needs may vary. Therefore, AquaPro Solutions offers these and other water conservation products:

§ High Efficiency Toilets (HET)
§ Low-flow aerators
§ Water-less urinals
§ Water saving / energy saving showerheads
§ Waterless urinals
§ Automatic flood prevention devices
§ Greywater recycling/reclamation systems
§ Rainwater harvesting barrels
§ Water conserving industrial pre-rinse spray nozzles
§ Demand control hot water circulating systems

As part of our commitment to educating consumers and assisting them with meeting their water conservation goals, AquaPro Solutions has partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency in the EPA WaterSense Program. Additionally, we are charter members of the U.S. Green Building Council. Many AquaPro products count toward LEED point accumulation in building projects.

Contact AquaPro Solutions LLC today to learn how you can conserve water, improve water quality and make a difference in the future of our planet.

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