Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poison in our tap water??!!

It’s one of those things we just take for granted; water from our tap is safe to drink and shower or bathe in. The truth is it may be a leading contributor for the increase of cancer, birth defects, heart disease and many more of the health scourges rampant in society. It’s not the “water” mind you, but what’s in it that is the problem. When considering the situation, it is evident that the “deciders” of the world knowingly chose the “lesser of two evils”. The chemical treatment of water began some 100 or so years ago as a means to remove or at least manage known viruses & bacterium. Chlorine, the most commonly used chemical in Water Treatment Facilities world wide, is also one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet. So basically it was decided to that it would be better to expose the public to low levels of a very toxic chemical and deal with the unknown consequence later rather than continue the know risk of mass illnesses and deaths associated with water borne diseases. Now don’t get me wrong I believe the intention was right, but I also believe the method was poorly considered. Chlorinating was the easy and inexpensive choice. A choice that is returning to haunt the ghosts of those who made it, and those of us that are left to deal with the consequences; many of which are only beginning to be recognized. There is an irony here in that the chemical treatment of water supplies allowed societies to stabilize and grow, which promoted advancements in medicine and technology. Through these advancements we gain an understanding of what the chemicals are doing to us and to the environment.

There is certainly a lot more to be said about the state of our water, and Chlorine is not the only contaminant to be concerned about, but we have to start somewhere. The list of know contaminants in public water supplies gets longer every year. The statement “if you don’t use a water filter you are the filter” is a scary reality. Use a filter-Don’t be the filter!

That’s what I think-what do you think?

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