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What is a Flapperless Toilet?

This is revolutionary flush technology. I love it when manufacturers think outside the box. It's about time someone redesigned the gravity flush toilet. This is so simple you have to wonder why it hasn't been done sooner. Maybe the flapper manufacturing companies had something to do with keeping the simplicity of this design off the market?

Standard toilet designs contain rubber flush balls that can leak due to improper seating or normal “wear and tear” from corrosive minerals in the water. This is not the case with a “true” flapperless toilet, which has NO sealing devices that control the flow of water from the tank to the bowl. A “true” flapperless toilet eliminates all such sealing devices and resultant concerns for the water conservation industry. In the Niagara Flapperless® tank, water is self-contained in either a 1.28- or 1.6-gallon “tipping bucket”.

There has been some confusion in the industry regarding flapperless toilets. A number of manufacturers with unconventional flappers are attempting to define their flexible seal as “flapperless”. Any flexible seal controlling the flow of water from the tank to the bowl can eventually deteriorate and leak. As a result, the user will waste water or, alternatively, have to replace the flexible seal, possibly increasing the consumed water amount per flush and compromising water conservation gains – something that is crucial we avoid, given the growing need to save water.

True Flapperless Technology: The only gravity-flush toilet that controls water flow with the use of patented “tipping bucket” technology, eliminating rubber flappers and flexible seals in the toilet tank.

The Niagara Flapperless® “Tipping Bucket” technology contains no flush balls or flappers. It’s virtually maintenance-free and will never leak.

As a conservationist company, it has been an ongoing challenge to keep the user from unintentionally or intentionally converting a 1.28- or 1.6-gallon per flush (GPF) toilet to a higher amount of consumed water per flush after the flexible seal has been replaced. A “true” flapperless toilet addresses this issue. The user will not have the responsibility of detecting possible leaks from a flexible seal within the tank and the additional challenge of locating the right replacement part – simply because with a Niagara Flapperless™, there is no maintenance involved, and no leaky seals to replace – EVER! A “true” flapperless toilet will remain a permanent 1.28- or 1.6 gallon per flush fixture!

Details about the Niagara toilet:

The Niagara Flapperless® TANK
• Water is self-contained in either a 1.28- or 1.6-gallon
“tipping bucket”
• Solid porcelain construction – 100% vitreous china
• Oversized to cover unsightly wall exposure
• Opposable handle positioning

The Niagara Flapperless® BOWL
• Oversized footprint
• Adjustable 10” to 12” rough-in
• Fully glazed 2 1/8” trap way
• Oversized throat
• 28 separate siphon jets around the rim a plus!

Niagara Flapperless® BENEFITS
• Two of our models are ADA-approved HET!
• The EcoLogic™ 1.28 gpf HET toilets meet EPA WaterSense® criteria
• Our EcoLogic™ 1.28 gpf HET elongated model meets HET
ebate standards
• Powerful one-time flushing
• Less moveable parts to leak and break
• Easy flush action
• Top-rated flushing system
• Ten-year warranty on component parts
• Lifetime warranty on porcelain

The 1.6 & 1.28 GPF Niagara Flapperless® toilet offers water and related utility bill savings without sacrificing performance or comfort. Because of its unique, patented flush system, the Niagara Flapperless® will never leak, and it is maintenance-free. This toilet has been through comprehensive industry testing and performed exceptionally. Available in both round and elongated bowl types, the 1.6 GPF Niagara

Flapperless® toilet has a number of appealing features:
• Tamper-proof flush, cannot exceed 1.6 or1.28 GPF
• Large water spot
• New high-performance bowl hydraulics
• Fluidmaster fill valve seal
• No flapper to leak or replace – EVER!
• 10-year warranty on components
• Lifetime warranty on porcelain
• Large 10” x 20” footprint, ideal for retrofitting
• Meets ULFT rebate standards
• No maintenance necessary
• Uses 54% less water than a 3.5 GPF toilet (1.6gpf model)
• No double-flushing required
• Sweat-free tank
• Adjustable rough-in
• Fully glazed 2 1/8” trap-way

If a family of four replaced a 3.5-gallon per flush toilet made between 1980 and 1994 with the Niagara Flapperless® 1.6GPF toilet, they will save 20,805 gallons of water A YEAR!
Aside from its superior, unique flush system and other benefits detailed above, a Niagara Flapperless® toilet is affordable. With the help of a Niagara Flapperless® toilet, save water and money, experience advanced performance, and feel the power of Niagara!

See how it works-

This is probably the smartest toilet design on the market.
That’s what I think. What do you think?

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