Monday, August 24, 2009

Cooperative venture to assist hospitality industry lower overhead & improve water efficiency

AquaPro Solutions has partnered with Aqua Environmental Resource Center and Asheville Green Plumbing in developing an industry specific water conservation program. The program is designed to help lower operating cost and improve water efficiency for the hospitality and housing industries. The pilot program will be available to owners of hotels, motels, condominiums, housing & apartment complexes in the Western North Carolina region. The program will offer an upgrade to existing facilities that includes converting toilets into a Dual Flush High efficiency toilet, replacing showerheads' with a water saving 1.5gpm multi-function pressure compensating showerhead and replacing the faucet aerator with a water saving 0.5gpm tamper resistant aerator. Cost to qualifying businesses is $125.00 per bathroom which includes labor to install the EPA Water Sense Approved products. The upgrade will cut water consumption per room by approximately 30%. This will result in lowered annual operating costs and a substantial increase in water efficiency. Resource for this pilot program are limited and available on a qualifying basis. For details on this program send inquiries to:


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