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EPA Climate Change and Water News

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EPA Climate Change and Water News

EPA News

EPA Announces New Website: A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change

This website provides information and tools for students regarding
climate change and is available at:

EPA Publishes Notice of Peer Review Workshop and Public Comment Period
for Implications of Climate Change for Bioassessment Programs and
Approaches to Account for Effects. Public Comments Accepted until May 6,

EPA will convene an independent panel of experts and organize and
conduct an external peer review workshop to review the external review
draft report titled, Implications of Climate Change for Bioassessment
Programs and Approaches to Account for Effects (EPA/600/R-11/036A) and
its supporting document, Freshwater Biological Traits Database
(EPA/600/R-11/038). Public comments will be accepted until Friday, May
6, 2011. These draft documents were prepared by the National Center for
Environmental Assessment (NCEA) within EPA's Office of Research and
Development. For additional information, visit:

EPA Solicits Comments on Draft Document, Identifying and Protecting
Healthy Watersheds: Concepts, Assessments, and Management Approaches.
Public Comments Accepted until June 3, 2011.

This draft technical document provides the basis for implementing the
Agency's Healthy Watersheds Initiative, which, in partnership with
States, Tribes, local governments, nongovernmental organizations, and
others, is intended to protect the nation's remaining healthy
watersheds, prevent them from becoming impaired, and accelerate
restoration successes.   The Healthy Watersheds approach, as part of the
initiative, is based on a holistic, integrated, systems view of aquatic
ecosystems that acknowledges their dynamics and interconnectivity in the
landscape. For additional information, visit:

EPA Solicits Public Comment on Permit to Reduce Stormwater Discharges
from Construction Sites. Public Comments Accepted until June 14, 2011.

EPA is releasing for public comment a draft permit that will help
improve our nation's waterways by regulating the discharge of stormwater
from construction sites. Stormwater discharges during construction
activities can contain sediment and pollutants that harm aquatic
ecosystems, increase drinking water treatment costs and pollute waters
that people use for fishing, swimming and other recreational activities.
For additional information, visit:
[or ].

EPA Publishes National U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory

EPA has released the 16th annual U.S. greenhouse gas inventory.  The
final report shows that overall emissions during 2009 decreased by 6.1
percent from the previous year.  This downward trend was attributed to a
decrease in fuel and electricity consumption across all U.S. economic
sectors. The report is available at:

EPA Awards Climate Showcase Communities Grant Funding to Choctaw Nation
of Oklahoma

EPA announced that the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma will receive $189,817
in Climate Showcase Communities grant funding to improve the energy
efficiency of its health facilities through technology and behavioral
change. This clear and effective strategy will serve as a much needed
model for small and rural communities across the United States. To read
the full press release, visit:
ABF [or ].

Other Federal News

National Research Council to Host a Conversation on America's Climate
Choices on May 12, 2011 from 4:00-6:30 p.m. EST at the National
Academies in Washington, D.C.

The public is invited to participate in A Conversation on America's
Climate Choices. Several members of the America's Climate Choices report
authoring committee will discuss the report's findings with Climate
Central's Heidi Cullen, followed by a question-and-answer period and a
reception. The event will take place at the National Academies, 500
Fifth Street NW location in Washington, D.C. To register, visit:

Other News

The Water Innovations Alliance to Host the Blue Tech Valley Conference
on May 3-4, 2011 in Fresno, CA

The purpose of this conference is to provide water constituents within
the private, public, and academic arenas the opportunity to collectively
explore and discuss new innovations, developments, and trends relating
to current water issues. The conference theme - International Solutions
to Regional Issues - will address current issues that have a direct and
visible impact regionally, as well as world-wide implications. For
additional information, visit:

The Horinko Group to Host a Webinar, The State of Flood Risk Reduction
in the United States on May 4, 2011 from 2:15-4:00 p.m. EST

The Horinko Group, as part of its 2011 Global Sustainability Webinar
Series, will host a panel of thought leaders and practitioners to
discuss the status of Flood Risk Management in the United States and the
prognosis for moving the effort in a sustainable direction that reduces
risk and gradually restores the ecological services performed by our
nation's floodplains. For additional information, visit:
states [or ].

Climate Information for Managing Risks (CIMR) to Host Local to Regional
Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies Conference on May 24-27, 2011 in
Orlando, FL

This conference will emphasize the challenges of applying climate
information and predictions at local and regional levels, for regions
and locations from around the world. CIMR 2011 will address climate
related vulnerabilities, impacts, and opportunities for adaptation.
Additional information is available at:

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