Thursday, April 28, 2011

EPA water pollution guidelines run afoul of state authority

So where do you stand on the issue of federal control of fresh water sources? I prefer federal oversite rather than state, and most certainly rather than the continued privitization of fresh water supplies by corporate conglomerates. Oh wait; our government is essentially run by corporate entities rather than "We The People"! Almost missed that thought. Maybe it is better to keep state control and allow for autonomy; wait corporation's pretty much run state government as well!! Looks like a no win situation for the rights of the people. I just want my right to clean water left alone but there is to much money to be made and I can't think of more effective power play than to CONTROL THE FLOW AND DISTRULIBUTION OF WATER!  Wake up "We The People" the well will soon be a source through which you do as you are told or will you go thirsty.

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