Monday, February 25, 2013

How to get a dual flush toilet conversion kit FREE!

This just in:
Through World Water Day 2013 (March 22nd) you can get the Dual Flush Pro complete toilet conversion kit at no charge and only for a limited time.

In recognition of World Water Day and the EPA Fix A Leak Week Campaign, the folks at have really done something special. I've seen other manufacturers do product giveaways to help bring attention to world water resource concerns, but this is truly spectacular. In most cases the manufacturer promotions are self serving, and geared toward driving sales by luring consumers in with something of little value and then pushing an "up sell". This does not seem to be the case at Dual Flush Pro. They are doing exactly as the promotion indicates; no strings, no up sell, no email harvesting, no bait and switch. You pay only a ten dollar flat rate shipping fee and you get exactly the same complete kit that you would get if you purchased the DualFlushPro kit at full price.

This kit has long been my choice in a dual flush conversion kit for the money, product quality and customer support. It is probably the most widely used dual flush toilet set up in the world. The design accommodates most tank variables which is why several manufacturers use the design in new model dual flush toilets.

Go to and get the best toilet conversion kit available,, for FREE!!!

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