Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sloan Valve Company Drops Aqus Geywater Recyling System

Well, after months of uncertainty we have official word that Sloan valve Company is no longer marketing the Aqus Grey-water Recycling System. My frustrations with a lack of communication with from Sloan management personnel are over after having received a call from Bill Madison, National Sales Manager at Sloan Valve Company. Bill confirmed my suspicions and stated that "the Aqus product is no longer supported."

Beginning in January 2012, I had been in pretty consistent communication with Mark Sanders, inventor & founding member of Water Saver Technologies LLC , in an ongoing discussion regarding product shipment delays due to a pump performance and supplier issue. In the fall of 2012, Mark took a sudden and unnanounced departure from Sloan Valve; which was a pretty good indication that my suspensions were correct. 

Sloan Valve Company initiated several improvements to the Aqus and marketed it at price points that truly made it a practical investment for the average homeowner. Unfortunately Sloan was never really a good fit for the product as their business model is primarily focused on the commercial market and the Aqus really isn't suited for commercial application. 

Whether or not Water Saver Technologies will bring the product back to market is still uncertain. I 'm sure they have some legal hurdles to cross with regard to the contractual arrangement with Sloan. 

I still believe the product has great potential in the residential market as an affordable, practical greywater reclamation system and hope to see it become available again soon.   

I look forward to providing further updates as they become available.        


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